Family Constellation Therapeutic Workshops

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We have all grown up in different family systems and developed our patterns of relating based on these systems.  Often these patterns create dysfunctional relationships.  We want to change, yet don't know where to start, where to look, what to do.

Entanglements in family dynamics can result in relationship difficulties between partners, between parents and children, between siblings.  They can also contribute to other difficulties such as additions, illnesses and negative repetitive patterns in our lives.

What is amazing about Family Constellation work is the depth in which these entanglements are revealed and often healed, bringing into awareness what has obstructed the natural flows of love.  The system often feels a sense of ease and validation following this transformational work and then need to continue the carry generational pain is greatly diminished.

There are several fundamental attributes that belong to all family systems, rules if you like, in which balance and order can return the flow of love...  some of these include;

We all have a place

Those that belong, belong

Everyone that needs to be included, shall be included

There is an order of love, EG; eldest to youngest

There are understandings such as partnerships before parenthood

The fate belongs to the right person

There is a balance of giving and receiving

The list goes on... yet to understand how this affects each and everyone of us can sometimes be profound.  The system has a way of ensuring these rules are honoured, so we each unknowingly sometimes represent someone or something from the past that pulls us away from our own path at times, so when these things are revealed and honoured as needed, our own lives get back on track.

There are so many avenues in which Family Constellation can assist us in our lives, that can be different from one person to the next.  Career, money, spirituality our connections to everyone and everything, the land, our countries in which we come from, or live in... the list is limitless.

We all know relationships can be difficult and even though we have tried to do things differently, there is still no significant change.  Often we don't understand why, and for us, this often is systemic, belonging to something deeper in the family system.

It is difficult to put into words the profound nature of this work.  It is very experiential - as in, you feel the experience at a body level more so than intellectualising it.  Its effects continue to transform days, weeks, months and even years sometimes after a constellation... as it unfolds, unravels, the positive effect ripples out to others in the system, as the relief is felt.

New experiences follow.  Often connections that were considered lost or severed, start a restorative process.  Love returns in time for many.


If you have a desire to start a business, have a young business or have an established business you want to move to the next level with, then our Workshops will help you.

A little secret that is often overlooked will be shared with you. At our workshops, you will have the opportunity to explore an aspect of your business that you feel isn't working as well as you like.  If you want to shift your business or the work that you do in the world, then we would love to have you come and experience our life changing work.

Some of the Benefits of Constellation Work...

*  Movement towards resolutions

*  Potential peace, joy, relief found

*  Moving forward

*  Getting un-stuck

*  Connection

*  Understanding

*  Insights

*  Returning to love

*  Healing

*  Restoring family dynamics

*  Coming home