Family Constellation Therapeutic Workshops

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What happens in a workshop?  

The work with Family Constellations gives us the opportunity, in a powerful, safe setting, to look deeply into the entanglements of our Family of Origin as well as our family today.

We use the diversity of the group to represent the members of your family (or represent other issues, symptoms etc etc).

A typical workshop we would choose a person and the issue in which they wish to work on.  From there we understand the main people that need to be represented. 

We ask if members of the group are happy to represent the persons family member (or issue, symptom etc) for that short time, revealing soul movements that are part of the issue being presented.  We gently follow the movements made in the group until we reach a satisfactory conclusion of that issue.

The representatives then return to their seats after being released from playing that role.  

Often it can be emotional for some of the participants.  You can experience aspects of that persons field during that constellation, allowing the soul movements to bring out the reason for the issue to find resolution and peace.

It is absolutely beautiful and a truly honouring way to accept the fate of all in the system and bring healing to many.

We use powerful healing sentences to bring what is needed to be seen, validated or acknowledged, so that it can find rest.

Everyone is touched by constellation work.  Even those not chosen to represent someone.  You often find the stories that come out have significance for a good portion of the group attending, so we all come away with new insights into our own lives and families.

This is important to note, as we don't always need to do our own constellation to gain the insights or healing to our own system.

Being a representative for someone else in their constellation is a remarkable experience.  You will be humbled by this work.  I know we are.  It is a true privilege to offer this exceptional healing work.

Thank you.