Family Constellation Therapeutic Workshops

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Welcome to our Reconnecting Family website.

Take some time to browse our site which we hope will assist you in familiarising yourself with Family Constellation and Systemic work, what it looks like in a workshop, what you can expect, the benefits and much more.

Our passion is to assist you towards a deeply healing and restorative journey, reconnecting you with your self, loved ones and understanding the influence family and ancestors have in our current well being, health, patterns and more.

This work also is very beneficial for GROWING AND DEVELOPING YOUR BUSINESS, CAREERS, PROJECTS and more, as it helps tap into aspects often not looked into that will help shift this to the next level. 

There are some amazing experiences waiting for you in this transformative work and we look forward to sharing this with you soon.

Reconnecting family website is a platform where two separate businesses have come together to share both independent workshops and combined workshops, particularly in the field of Family Constellations.

We encourage you to look at both our independent websites as well as what is on offer at Reconnecting Family, so you may benefit from all the other programs and training available.

Thank you.

First of all, we would like to introduce ourselves, so you know a little more about us....
Let us introduce you to our Team

of Facilitators

Linda Conyard

from Rainbow Atma
and Linda

Hello, I’m a Holistic Psychotherapist, fiercely committed to guiding people to achieve reduced symptoms of stress and trauma.....and facilitate their return to a balanced and connected state of mind/body/soul, so they can have the life/business of their dreams....and enjoy living a calm and peaceful life filled with the things they love. I help them rediscover their spirit which often is lost in the trauma. I also guide women to unleash their full potential in business. I am deeply passionate about this work.

I have many years of experience, working with amazing clients with trauma symptoms such as life limiting illnesses, depression, addiction, eating issues, suicidality, insomnia, abusive relationships and the list goes on. Under my care these people have been able to achieve remarkable success.

My path to become a Gestalt Psychotherapist has been unfolding since early childhood where I spent most of that time living in fear. Then later in my life, supporting close family members with their cancer diagnoses, treatment and experiences, including my daughter and husband.  With my life consumed with fear and trauma, I underwent Gestalt studies, Family & Systemic Constellation studies and more, to really understand the impact of trauma and how it affects us. This gave me great insight and the path to healing was becoming clearer by the moment.

Now after being committed to my own trauma therapy and recovery, I work to help others grow through their trauma.

I have experienced going from Diagnosis to Peace! These lived experiences along with the education and training I have attained helps me tremendously when supporting you with your own traumas, challenges and experiences.

I am passionate about the service I provide and feel blessed to be able to do the work my heart desires.

More information about Linda can be read on her website:

Frances Munro

from Healing Wings of Light
and Divine Essence Therapies
Hello! The first thing you need to know about me is that I love the work I do.  
You matter and very quickly you will learn you are someone special and deserve a good life full of happiness.  My practice is to "see with the heart," to view the world from a perspective beyond the limits of our five senses.

There is much joy available in this world... yet with all our stories, we often miss some wonderful perspectives.  It is an exciting transition to happiness and together I look forward to showing you some of the benefits of this therapeutic modality.

I have been working as a holistic practitioner for some years now and have a number of other modalities I practice, and for me, one of the most helpful has been Family & Systemic Constellation work.

Through my own journey of deep healing and helping countless others, I have gained an insightful understanding of the dynamics we are constantly faced with in life, trauma, abuse, illness and more, and in these challenging moments, have truly found answers in my life that bring peace and understanding.

I look forward to sharing with you that incredible experience of self discovery and empowerment as you transverse the shift in your consciousness to a greater awareness of what truly transforms!

We are the key to that change in our ability to live happily and well.  Our paths are dynamic and often confusing.  What we all search for is peace and love.  All that is actually possible, when you unravel what has been in the way of that, then what is left is an enriched life.  

We greatly look forward to sharing with you that transition back to self.  Thank you.

More information about Frances can be read on her website:

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Thank you.